Why read this blog

You want to be inspired.

You have a longing to create the live you desire

You want to show up as yourself ~ unapologetically!

OR Maybe, 

you simply want to follow my personal journey as I close 20 years on American soil and transition my life back to my home country, Germany.

My Blog is not a blog in the common sense meaning that I don’t focus on writing about the “5 tips to travel safely as……” or the “10 mistakes to avoid when doing Y” although I am happy to answer such questions in the comment section if you are curious.

Mostly I want to share my reflections, my choices driven by intuition, and my spiritual insights and experience as I turn inward, walk, pray and travel.

This blog is a running experiment for me; to be honest.

I want to see what happens if I simply share from the my without seeking gain, fame or fortune. What happens when I just share, in a public way, what I am reflecting on and what is impactful to me.

This blog is meant to be thought provoking and inspiring. It is meant to help you cast aside any masks or barriers you have erected. If you are called to it, please ask questions, share your own reflections and insights in the comments.

How much more awake can we become together by simply what has been dorment in our hearts for so long.

Making  ancient churches work in modern times

Making ancient churches work in modern times

While in Europe you would be hard pressed to escape churches. And well, why would you? They are pretty beautiful to visit.

If a town is big enough you might even find a cathedral (mostly magnificent) or if the village is small you might have to content yourself with a chapel.

Walls dont separate, walls unite

Walls dont separate, walls unite

At some point on my trip I was inspired to take pictures of … walls …. of all things.



Trudging along, I was intrigued by all the different styles of walls I came across.

My challenge sheet as a modern day pilgrim

My challenge sheet as a modern day pilgrim

Now that I have arrived in Le Puy en Velay, France, which is one of the major junctions in my journey, I deem it interesting to take an account of the challenges I have endured  during my over 2,000 km walk thus far.

Before reading on, pause for a moment. Ask yourself: what you would expect your three major challenges to be if you were to walk 2,000 km?