Having an experience without leaving your couch

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St. Chely d‘Aubrac, France

St. Chely d‘Aubrac, France

Context: I have  walked roughly 2,000 km thus far in France and Spain. Currently I am on the chemin de Le Puy in France heading north to Germany. 

The subconscious cannot distinguish between what is real and what is imagined.

By you following my journey (in pictures and words) and imagining yourself being there, you are doing the journey with me on some level. It’s like watching a good movie.

Today, I walked towards the crux of the Chemin de le puy in France. Aubrac.

Pilgrims I met that are traveling southward i.e. the opposite direction of me informed me of the presence of 50 cm of new snow up ahead on mount Aubrac. 

Luckily, they laid first tracks. Unluckily, I only wear trail runners and have no particular winter gear to speak of.  Even with a trail I am in for a slippery affair and soaking wet feet. I have to take it slow if don‘t want to slip slide and fall.

 My strategy: plastic bags over my socks so my feet and socks stay dry and only my shoes get wet. 

Tomorrow I attempt the „ascent“. It’s only 1,320 meters but I hear it can be very disorienting with fog and snow at the same time. Luckily, the weather forecast says partly sunny…. 

Will see what happens …. wish me luck!