Stepping into medieval times

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Conques, France

Context: I have walked over 1,800 km thus far through Spain and France. And my journey is only getting better every day.

You HAVE TO look at the pictures of this medieval town I stayed at yesterday … and imagine yourself walking through the streets.

Are you imagining? 

Conques, France,  is a jewel. It allows one to step back in history. Although, one can find all modern conveniences like electricity, central heating and cell phone reception in this quaint village of maybe 500-1000 inhabitants, the combination of medieval houses and absence of suburban sprawl made my jaw drop in aw.  What you see on the pictures is what you get. Surrounding the village is forest.

The abbey makes up the centerpiece. It’s first stone was laid in the 8th century. Over the many years since then more buildings were added and a small village arose. Back in the day there must have been hundreds of monks living and praying here.

The town is so well preserved, I  got quite the feel what it must have been like to be here in the 14th century  say. Absolutely incredible.

Conques sees about 500,000 tourists per year, according to the tourist office. That’s a lot for a town that size. I came through in the off season (obviously; it’s November) so you see no-one in the streets.

The Abbey, where I stayed, houses typically 90 pilgrims per day in the summer. It’s their mission to serve those on an inner search. Yesterday, however,  there were only three pilgrims including me, three painters and seven monks. ☺️ … so in essence hardly anyone.

Are you still imagining?

It is quite precious to have so much silence in such a place.