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Air sur la dur, France


It’s been terribly wet and windy. And it’s not just a drizzle of wet but torrential rains.

The temperatures are dropping too which makes being wet not exactly fun. As soon as I stop, my body turns to a shivering ice block. (Weird analogy 😀)

The wind also took down branches and trees that I have to navigate around, as well as many puddles, mud and newly formed streams.

Many hostels are closed too which turns a walking experience into an organizational feat. My tenacity is being tested big time.

I was seriously considering calling it quits a couple of days ago.  It just seems like a medieval pilgrim would think about finding a spot to hybernate for the winter. But after a three hour organizational stint this morning involving various French speaking passerby’s and the tourist office I was able to secure accommodation for the next three nights. Puhhhh…. I’ll keep going. I suppose…. one step at a time.