Walls dont separate, walls unite

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Saint Julien Chaptueil, France

Walls dont separate, walls unite

Context: I have walked over 2,600 km through Spain and France thus far. While walking, the mind has a lot of time to wonder into expansion and contemplate all kinds of things. 

At some point on my trip I was inspired to take pictures of … walls …. of all things.



Trudging along, I was intrigued by all the different styles of  walls I came across.

Some were old, some new. Some mightily thick like that of an ancient church. Some were covered in moss, others embraced by twisting wine branches.

The different type of stones that were used, how they were stacked and bound together, and how high they were built evoked such different feelings.

Some walls were artfully mural-ised covering the ugliness of contemporary, quick building methods.

Walls dont separate, walls uniteSome walls must have been around for centuries and made my mind wonder back to medieval times. I usually found older, more “mature” walls way  more interesting than newer ones.

And then I got to wonder, why in the world I am taking pictures of walls?

Walls separate, walls don’t unite. Right?!

Of course, thoughts of Trump‘s border wall trickled into my mind, the Chinese wall, the Berlin wall; all of which were walls that were meant to separate people from one another. Bad!

So what am I doing, taking pictures of walls?  Me, who is all about collaboration not separation. A person whose job has always been to mediate and build bridges between those who disagree.

And then it dawned on me, that nothing is only good or bad. Walls don’t only separate, they also unite.

Just think of the walls of a house, that provide a safe space for a family to gather.

The walls of a church, temple or mosque that provide a space for worshipers to pray.

The walls of a concert hall allowing hundreds of people to enjoy an evening of sound together.


And what’s even more is  that walls also protect. For example they protected me and my legs from all  those barking, most dangerous looking dogs along the way. Puhh… Am I grateful. 😁😁

The simple act of observing walls reminded me that nothing in life is black or white; all things in nature are dualistic. There is nothing that is just  good or bad, just right or wrong. Everything has two sides. What distinguishes which one it is, is the nature of the ‘thing or action’ and the intention behind it.

And then I got to ponder  …..

Is there anything, anything at all, that does not have two sides?

Anything at all that is just right or just wrong?

I have one idea. Can you guess what it is?